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Managers can modify their projects or teams, to do so please follow the steps below: 

  • Edit project

In this section, you can modify information related to your project like: Name, General Information, Project type (In-house or with Guest), Percent completion of tasks, Task duration, Task deadline...

Please remember to Save after finish editing

  • Display color: a better way of categorizing Project by their colors

  • Tags: function like labels in your email, they help you categorize your tasks easily in a Project or Team. 


There are some differences in Settings of a Project and a Team

  • Project has a start - end date. 

  • Teams exist throughout the existence of your company, so technically it doesn't have a start-end date. Furthermore, tasks in a team will appear like posts in a new feed of Facebook, so it will display all the tasks of a team and every time a task gets updated by someone, that task will jump to the top. 

  • You can also configure how your tasks may appear by selecting Weekly or Monthly cycle in Settings of a team.

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