Base Office: Create a new document type in

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To create a new document type, please follow the steps bellow:

  • Step 2: In the left menu bar, select  Settings>> Document types>> Create

  • Step 3: You fill in the information ( doctype name and counter template is required to fill)  and then select Save to complete the operation 


  • Doctype name: Enter the name of doctype, for example: Reward, Decisions, Instructions,...
  • Counter template: Using variables and syntax for setting
  • Setting doctype owners: tag doctype manager 
  • Advanced counters setting

  • Adjust counter with padding zero up to: Add or not add leading zero of dispatch number
  • Manual update: Select Yes/ No to allow manual adding to document code
  • Initial value: Value the count starts counting
  • Current value: Up to present value
  • Require approval for each new allocation: People who are required to approve (may or may not)
  • Verify uniqueness of document code based on full string instead of counter
  • Setting permission for Doctype owners and Document reviewers:

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