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To import tasks from an Excel file, please do the following steps: 

  • Step 1: Setup an Excel file based on the provided Excel template, which can be downloaded HERE

Below is a screenshot of our Excel template

DENOTE: (Column)
A: Task name
B: Assigner
C: Assignee
D: Follower
E: Urgency (yes or no)
F: Tags
G: Start date
H: Deadline
I: Actual finish date
J: Description
K: Status
L: Task result 


  • You must fill out column A (task name). Tasklist will appear in Bold and it ends with a colon. (EX: TASKLIST: ) All tasks belong to that tasklist will appear below it. 

  • Assigner and Assignee will be tagged in column B & C by their usernames.

After configuring your excel file, please do the steps below:


  • Click on the ... icon >> Import & Export >> Select  Import tasks from Excel


  • Setting >> Import from excel >> Select your file and click Import


NOTE: Only managers of a Project/Team can import tasks from Excel.

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